Best VPN Review – What to Look For in a VPN

vpn on zte f660 review

A VPN can protect you online, however you must consider the use case. Does your company rely on cloud services? Do you stream videos or play games online? The best VPNs provide robust performance for these activities.

VPNs encrypt your data so that it is unreadable for anyone who looks at your connection. They also conceal your Internet Protocol address so that websites are unable to track you. For these reasons, it’s crucial to select a VPN that uses tried and true encryption standards. Our top picks offer 256-bit AES and some use the more secure ChaCha20 encryption protocol.

Having multiple devices connected to the same VPN at the same time can help prevent privacy breaches, and it’s good to choose a service that allows for simultaneous connections. You’ll also want a provider that connects to as many servers around the world as you can. This is beneficial if you travel frequently and need to connect from various locations.

It’s a common tactic for VPN providers to claim that they have the fastest speeds. To get a more precise view of performance, search for reviews that compare speeds in a similar manner, instead of direct Mbps comparisons.

Mullvad offers ad and ad tracker blocking capabilities, however they require a manual approach to be activated on its Android application. This small addition shows the amount of thought that went into the service and platform overall. Additionally its transparency is a standout in a sea of VPNs that conceal their owners and teams.

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