How to Evaluate a Board Portal Blog

A board portal blog is the platform for discussions and updates that inform the organisational users about the features security protocols, functionality, and the benefits of this technology. While new and inexperienced users of a portal might focus on cost and features on their own, this isn’t where the evaluation should end. Companies should instead talk to providers regarding their infrastructure as well as external audits and data integrity and their security teams.

In a world where board management software is becoming more common, it’s essential to understand the key questions to ask to make the most of this technology. Inquiring these questions of the prospective provider of a portal for board meetings will aid you in determining if the platform is right for your organization, and if it will provide a secure and streamlined environment for meetings.

A full-fledged board portal should make it quick and easy for secretaries of the company to prepare and distribute packs and agendas as well as allow directors to read, access documents, comment and annotate on any device; and provide report writers with the most effective templates and guidance for better reports. This will help save time and money, which can then be put to use in areas where it’s needed.

A board portal should include the security features that protect sensitive information and documents. These should include encryption in transit and in http://boardroomsystems.com/board-portals-for-nonprofits-a-comprehensive-board-management-solution/ the rest of the document, granular control of authorization and authentication settings, remote wipe disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and regular penetration testing by a third party and security audits.

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