Strategic Planning Software – Empower Your Teams With a Strategic Planning Tool

If you’re trying to bring your entire team around a shared vision or simply get more done in less time, a strategic planning software can help develop your plans from concept to completion. A well-designed strategy tool will help teams improve their workflows while streamlining processes and reporting, collaboration and project management.

Your software for strategy should provide a clear, easy-to-use interface that allows users to develop and modify their plans by using custom templates for various types of strategic planning processes. If you’re planning an SWOT analysis, for instance the software should allow your 360boardroom.info/simple-online-board-packs-preparing team to brainstorm ideas and create documents with all of them within the platform. The same goes for more structured processes, like goal setting and OKRs.

You’ll need to ensure that the software supports your chosen strategic plan methodology regardless of whether it is best practice, Six Sigma or management by objectives. It should be able to create scorecards from all four perspectives, which will help you identify areas of improvement and assess performance.

You’ll also need to make sure that your strategic planning software is able to communicate with your operational platforms using APIs. This lets you bring data from your operational platforms into strategic planning tools and avoid double entry and manual updates.

A strategic planning tool that is effective will also allow your team to share tasks and deadlines assigning responsibility to measures, and get notifications when tasks are not completed. It should provide you with multiple ways to monitor and visualize your progress, including timelines, Gantt Charts, resource bookings, and much more.

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